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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After East Coast Snow Storms & Blizzards in Switzerland...I'm COLD in CA!

Brrrrr! It's cold outside!!

Ok, ok, I know anyone reading this in New York or New Jersey is ready to reach through their laptop and smack me around a bit for saying that. Which would be fair considering I got an e-mail from my aunt in New Jersey with a picture of my uncle shoveling their driveway. In fact...

This is my uncle using the snow blower to shovel his driveway. That was taken on Christmas day when we were enjoying blue skies and sunshine. It is true, though. You do get spoiled when you live in California. I used to live in a little village called Davos in Switzerland. It's famous for its air. Seriously. Doctors send patients with respiratory issues to Davos to breathe its pollutant-free air. Anyway. It snowed up until my birthday in June and it was COLD up there. I even recall being sent home for milk money (stop laughing...) in a  blizzard because--let's face it, it's Switzerland and if they had Snow Days, the schools would hardly ever be open. I survived that, I survived snow storms in New York and New Jersey... And the first thing I said when I walked out the front door this morning was, "It is C-C-C-COLD outside!" It was about forty. Freezing by California Standards. Paradise for East Coasters right now.

Yah. I do not miss the East Coast (or Switzerland, for that matter) right now. Just looking at that picture makes me shiver.

As I write this, Chef Ramsey Jr. (aka my boyfriend) is in the kitchen preparing our latest feast: Tri-Tip Roast that has been marinating for three days in something yummy, corn (**I was asked to make a correction: it's corn on the cob, because "anyone can just pop it out of the can."--::boyfriend nods in approval::), mashed potatoes and artichokes. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to fit all of that food in my body, but I'll give it the old college effort. You gotta love a boyfriend that knows how to cook (microwaving, I've been told, does not count). Don't get me wrong, I can cook (as proved by last night's spaghetti and meat sauce that I prepared for him and his friend last night while they were "Moving" on the Playstation). I'm too Type A personality to be able to wing it in the kitchen though. I need a recipe to follow; no improvisation. He can make a meal out of three items in the refrigerator. I don't know how he does it, but it is mmm good!

I believe we'll either be enjoying "The Expendables" (with my personal freebie, Randy Couture) or "GI Joe", which always makes me want to dye my hair red because of that one girl in it.



  1. Correct in the reach through comment. Still over 12" of snow here. Now it's just dirtier and most around the crosswalks has turned into murky filthy bath water. Enjoy Cali. And Gordon II

  2. Yikes. 12" of snow?? That's rough. Although I did have to scrape ice off my windshield this morning...with a credit card, since we Californians are not equipped with the proper hardware for anything winter-related!