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Monday, December 27, 2010

I've Lost My Boyfriend to Playstation Move ;)

Hi All.

Yes, two posts in one day. One could call me overeager. Personally, though, I prefer chatty which is a much more accurate description. I am quite talkative (although I am capable of holding a conversation without inserting the word "like" in between every word).

Right now my boyfriend is enjoying his new Playstation Move (courtesy of his lovely girlfriend for Christmas) with one of his friends from work, rocking out to GURU's Jazzmataz, Volume 1 (also courtesy of Yours Truly). Meanwhile, I am curled up on my favorite armchair with Usher snoozin' right next to me as usual. Syd is hiding under the table because he's a neurotic mess and loud music scares him.

Anyhoo. My current project is perfecting my first short story for submission to a literary magazine. The deadline is Jan 2nd to Glimmer Train. For all you aspiring writers, it's a great publication to start off with. There are year-round "reading periods" for you to submit your stories for considerations and they do (!!) offer paid compenstation if you get published. There is a fee you have to pay to submit your work, but it's only $18. I'm almost ready to submit it--just working a few finishing touches. If there are any writers out there would would like to bounce ideas back and forth with me, please don't be shy!

I was also fortunate enough to get Cross Fire by James Patterson for Christmas. This is the next installment in the Alex Cross series and it's with Kyle Craig! I love, love, love the Alex Cross novels and can't wait to really start digging into this book. Now's the time for me to do it since I'm on winter break from school. Then I have The Gift (also by James Patterson), Magic Study, and Fire Study--both by Maria V. Snyder. They fall in the Fantasy category, I would say. It's set in a different world, but not so much so that it distracts from the story. Any book recommendations out there? I have to fit all my 'pleasure' reading in now before school starts because I won't have any time for reading after that.

Alright, well in between writing this post, I've cooked dinner, cleaned up and thrown in a load of laundry so I think now I'm going to kick back with a glass of New Age (some bomb Argentinian white wine) and work on my writing and watch my boyfriend play volleyball on the Move--still.

Enjoy your evening!

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