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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day Before the Day Before 2011

I am proud to say that I completed a full eight hours at the office without being sent home.

The HR manager in my office is germaphobic to a fault and if you so much as sneeze during flu season around her, you best believe you'll be sent home shortly after. I think the shortest time I've been at work was three minutes: walked in, got set up in my cubicle, coughed for about a minute and a half--which she heard, and was sent home shortly after that. Today I ducked her like crazy and convinced my boss (who wanted to send me home at 8:30am) that I was well enough to stay. Believe you me, I could hear my bed calling from 12 miles away (ahhh the beauty of not having to hit a freeway on the commute to work), but I'm going to Vegas in February and New York in June and I need my hours for pleasure, not pain!

So. Here we are. A mere 31 hours and 47 minutes away from 2011 (if my math is correct). Jordan (Gordon II, if you will--see "After East Coast Snow Storms..." for the Chef Ramsay reference--thanks Ryan!) and I are holed up in our apartment, both sniffling and sneezing and gargling salt water. Our plans for NYE are rapidly dwindling down to a Blockbuster night. Isn't champagne good for sore throats, though??

I was thrilled to receive this link on my Facebook from one of my fellow East Coasters today though. It's true. New Year's is saved and my faith in humanity is restored. I read an article about a month ago that Snooki from the dreaded "Jersey Shore" (which has, by the way, officially made Jersey appear even trashier to the rest of the world. As if we didn't have a hard enough time defending our great state to the other 49 states...) would be in the ball as it dropped in Times Square for the final countdown to 2011. Really? No, seriously. Really?? I was beside myself with shock, as were the other New Jersey folk that I know. (Side note: are we "Jersians"? "Jerseyites"? "Jersey-ers"? I never really was sure...). What better way to ruin a timeless annual tradition, MTV, than to put one of the most ridiculous "stars" from reality tv in the ball? Well, fortunately, I found out today that that will not be happening and I can once again watch the new Dick Clark (Carson Daily, is it?) countdown in Times Square. Whew! You can read the rather amusing article here.

Sorry Snooki... Aint happenin', girlfriend...
photo courtesy of Comedy Central

And of course, the dreaded resolutions are cropping up again: "I'm going start working out"; "I'll quit smoking"; "I'll start eating healthy"... No thank you, ladies and gents. I think my motto for 2011 will just be: Keep going the way things are going. No reason to put any added pressure on myself with a New Year's resolution that I will undoubtedly break within the first two months of 2011. I did try the working out thing last year, buuuut... That didn't work out too well. I know I should work out, but at 5'5" with the metabolism of a twelve-year-old and a scale that fluctuates between 110 & 115 whenever I step on it, it's not that I really need to work out. I did get a Yoga mat and some Yoga DVD's for Christmas, though, so I will be giving them a shot.


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