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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nothing Resolved at UFC 125: Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope everyone is fully recovered and your memory of your celebration Friday night is intact. Or at least that you've recovered photographs to help fill in the blank parts. ;) My New Year's was quiet. We stayed home and did a little drinking and...two days later, we're both still sick. This is day five now. I think I might have to go to the doctor's tomorrow.

I have a funny little story though. Proof that "Jersey Shore" really does suck the life out of you. I woke up this morning at six-thirty because someone decided to call my boyfriend's cell phone at that ungodly hour. Unfortunately, once I'm awake, there's no going back to sleep. So I stumbled out into the living room and, in my sleep-clogged mind, decided to actually watch an episode of the "Jersey Shore". About three hours later, I was sucked into a Jersey Shore marathon, watching "The Situation" talk a lot of sh*t, "Snooki" drink a lot of alcohol and everyone else just be stupid in general. And then... all of a sudden... I had no voice. It was gone. I tried screaming as loud and hard as I could and the only sound that came out was a whisper. That was at about ten o'clock so I went to wake up Jordan (he was thrilled--I mean, heartbroken that I had lost my voice. Truly, the concern he expressed for my disability was incredibly touching). In any case, he came out into the living room, snatched the remote control and put on the Buckaneers/Saints game and roughly thirty seconds later, boom! my voice came back. "Jersey Shore" stole my voice!! LOL Now, I know that's not really what happened, but the timing was eery and I won't be watching it anytime soon again. I mean, next time they could steal my sight or my hearing! ;)

We ordered UFC 125 last night to watch the Edgar/Maynard fight. OK, seriously?! A draw?? What the eff is that, judges?? You take the belt away from BJ Penn in a rather disappointing fight, during which Edgar did not clearly and decisively BEAT the champion. Yet in a fight where Maynard knocked Edgar flat on his *ss multiple times in the first round, then continue to give him a run for his money throughout the rest of the fight (I will give Edgar rounds 2 & 4; Maynard got 1 & 3; round 5 was a tough call, however in my opinion, Maynard pushed the pace and maintained octagon control throughout), you're going to call that a draw??? I noticed that Frankie took his belt and beat a hasty retreat after his interview with Joe Rogan with no comment on a clearly much-desired rematch. Maynard, on the other hand, although he was clearly extremely disappointed, apologized to his fans and stated that he would more than willing to do a rematch. We'll see what happens. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis (the new WEC lightweight champion after an incredibly shocking defeat over Ben Henderson) is supposed to fight UFC's lightweight champ since the two organizations have now combined, but I don't know if they'll have the Edgar/Maynard rematch before pitting Pettis against the true lightweight champ.

Edgar and Maynard square up at the weigh-ins Dec 31, 2010
photo courtesy of

I was pleased to see Nate Diaz lose by decision. Clay Guida, my favorite crazy Italian, enjoyed a victory by submission. In a very surprising fight, Brian Stann TKO'd Chris Leben while Brendan Vera got his nose rearranged by Thiago Alves. This fight was supposed to be his "come-back", but he only served as Alves's bongo drums by the third round. Alves took his face and after literally slapping Vera around with open-palmed hits, Alves beat out a quick little rhythm on the back of Vera's head. The fight that Jordan and I were most excited about was the Brad Tavares/Phil Barrone fight. We watched Tavares on the Liddell/Ortiz season of the Ultimate Fighter and instantly became Tavares fans, him being a fellow Hawaiian (like Jordan). He got in a little trouble at the beginning of the fight last night with the "New York Bad*ss", but ultimately knocked him out before the first round was over. Woo!

Also, something weird: I saw a different poster online for last night's fight that said the co-main event was supposed to be Shane Carwin versus Roy Nelson. I didn't hear anything about that. Anyone know anything about that??

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  1. Never been west of Oklahoma. I bet it's all fun in Vegas. "Mikeys the big winner tonight"