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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dumb Luck & UFC 126 Predictions

Yay! I made my hair appointment for this Thursday!! And now, as this is clearly groundbreaking news that the blogosphere craves so badly, you can all breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with your lives. Must be a girl thing--when you don't get your hair done for months at a time, you get super excited when you actually make the appointment.

But now--on to something more interesting to read about than my hair.

Jordan told me about this bet that you can place on fights where if you guess the winners of all five fights on the main card, you can pretty much make bank on a small bet. I'm not sure what the bet-to-winnings ratio is but...Shoot. I can put down a small bet if it's worth it.

Normally, I'm not much of a gambler--I work too hard for my money to risk losing it on a card game or a roulette table. The only time I did gamble, I pretty much won under the "Dumb Blonde" defense. I put $5 on 0/00 for roulette and after the dealer lady already spun the wheel and let the ball go, she told me that the minimum was $10 and moved my chip off the 0/00 square. As soon as she did that, the ball landed and plink! Landed on Double Zero. The pit boss was called over and wound up just giving me my winnings and explaining that for future bets, I needed to make sure I was betting the table minimum. I quickly took my $100 chip and cashed it in and that was the end of my gambling. Buuuut. I think I might put some money down on this fight. Just a little. I'm liking the call-all-five-fights-and-win-money option. It's basically like picking horses to win, place, and show. I am uncannily good at that--in fact, I've called the winner of the Kentucky Derby, like, three years running. I've never actually put money down on it, though. I'm afraid betting money on it would jinx me.

My early predictions for UFC 126 are as follows (and I reserve the right to change them up until fight night):

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort = I choose "the Phenom", Vitor BelfortRich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin = Tough call, Forrest is a bear of a man (especially with that beard I last saw him sportin'), but I'm gonna go with Rich Franklin. He did beat Chuck Liddell when he stepped in as coach during the last season the The Ultimate Fighter when Tito pulled out of the running. And Franklin did so with a broken hand, no less. KO in the first round.
Ryan Bader vs Jon Jones = This one is a tough one...but I think I'm going to go with Ryan "Darth" Bader despite his terrible, cop-out nickname. He's undefeated so far and besides--he has the same birthday as me. Us Geminis gotta stick together! You may scoff at my logic, but let's wait and see if I'm right...

I'm not too sure on the last two fights. They're all fighters I've never heard of and I can't apply the same logic I use to pick the winners in horse races (whichever name I like best), so it's pretty much going to be a crapshoot. Maybe I'll flip a coin when it comes down to placing the bet...

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  1. might that bet be called a parlay? good luck on the card