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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Returned From the Mountain

Well we have returned safely from our weekend in Big Bear. It was a lovely weekend apart from a few minor setbacks.

May I just interrupt this blog with some breaking news: For the first time ever in my life, I was able to succesffully catch a gummi bear that Jordan threw at me in my mouth. I've never been able to do that with food and am feeling probably an exaggerated amount of pride in that accomplishment.

Moving on...

We enjoyed a fun-filled Friday night at a local bar called Chad's, where we encountered the fascinating locals of Big Bear. I would say it takes a certain type of person to be able to live in a mountain town and Friday night confirmed my suspicions. What truly topped if off was the tweeked-out cab driver that was texting as she navigated the windy mountain roads as she drove us back to the resort at the end of the night. If I had wanted to risk bodily injury or death, I would have just driven myself home. Apparently, you still risk life and limb when climbing into taxis in Big Bear. That's handy information to have for the future.

The boys went boarding on Saturday while Natasha and I nursed our hangovers. Hers was considerably worse than mine as the poor girl was sick Friday night and Saturday morning. We spent the day watching Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. I feel like I was a traitor to my people for watching Jersey Shore, although I will admit that they are entertaining. At least now I understand some of the things I hear people quoting at work. I did make it clear to everyone present that life doesn't revolve around GTL for all Jersey folk. I felt it was the least I could do for my great state. ;) Spencer ended up breaking the bindings on the board he borrowed from Jordan's friend (uh-ohhhhh), so their boarding was cut short. The UFC Fight for the Troops was on that night, so Jordan and I watched that while Natasha and Spencer and another couple that joined us--Ashley and Mike--went to the jacuzzi. Ashley and Mike were...not quite as functional as the average couple and I'd say they spent about two-thirds of their time up in Big Bear fighting. When they got back from the jacuzzi, Ashley and Mike announced they were leaving because Ashley had slipped and fallen getting out of the water. Five hours later, Ashley text Natasha from an ER back home--she had broken her tailbone. Ouch.

So now here we are, relaxing and watching the Steelers whoop on my Jets.Well, not necessarily MY Jets--I'll usually cheer for any NY or New Jersey team. The only team that I am a loyal and steadfast fan of is the Yankees--a fact that Jordan keeps praying will change. He's an Angels fan. It's interesting around our household when playoffs roll around, let me tell you. But hey. I've been a Yankees fan all my life. I'm not about to go changing just for my boyfriend. Besides, I do so enjoy the friendly shit-talking between the two of us whenever our teams play each other. Mwahahaha.

Here are some pictures from the weekend...Just thought I'd share. :)

Jordan and I at the Out of Order Rec Room: The only thing that worked was ONE pool table and the Ping Pong Table.

Natasha & I @ Chad's...I'm not sure why this picture looks warped...

Jordan & I @ Chad's... You could tell the tourists from the locals by whether or not they wore jackets. Clearly I was not a local.

A sunset picture Jordan took with his phone. I love it!!

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