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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Early Morning Baseball Rantings

Ahhh baseball season is almost upon us and that means that the shit-talking is about to begin in my apartment! I hitched a ride with Jordan this morning (we work in the same office but generally drive in by ourselves except when I feel like carpooling) and on our way, I brought up the fact that the Angels lost Mike Napoli and proceeded to tease him because his Angels haven't really done much during this off-season as far as acquiring (or maintaining) their talent.

This is basically how our conversation went in the truck (reminder: I love the Yankees; he hates the Yankees)

Jordan: Well that's what happens when a team has salary caps on how much they can pay their players. They have to make sacrifices.
Me: Oh, unlike my boys, right? Who buy all the talent and horde it all for themselves?
Jordan: That's right. 'We're the Yankees. We already have a few Golden Glove catchers, but we'll pick up another one. He'll be our back-up's back-up's, back-up.'
Me: You're just jealous that my team is better than yours. ::sticks out tongue:

Maybe not the most mature way to end a conversation, but our bickering about Yankees vs Angels usually always results in childish come-backs and lots of laughing. Good times. Wait until playoffs, though. Things get intense. The year before last, he surprised me with tickets to a game of the Angels/Yankees series. I don't remember what the series was at but I do remember that if the Angels lost that game, it would have been over for them. I, of course, sported my Yankees sweatshirt and was one of about four Yankees fans in my section of the bleachers. Sadly, they lost that game so I couldn't brag about it on the way back to the car. It was still fun though. Except for the the nasty, drunk Angels fans who felt the uncontrollable urge to talk shit to me everything the Angels scored. Kinda annoying.


  1. finally, another baseball rant besides one of my own - Yankees aren't afraid to spend their money, problem is, when the don't win a World Series, people bash them, and when they do win, they still bash them.

    oh you be a fan of the Pinstripes.

  2. Very, very true. This is a common scenario in our home:

    Yankees win:
    Jordan: "Well yeah, if you buy every good player in the sport, of course you're going to win."

    Yankees lose:
    Jordan: "Geez, you'd think with all the money they spend on their players, they'd be able to pull it together to win a game."

    I'd love to be able to go to a Yankees/Angels game when we're back east this summer since I know we're going around the time our teams usually play each other, although I've warned Jordan against going decked out in Angels apparel...