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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cougars & SuperCross

Well here I am on a lovely Sunday evening... Jordan just returned from snowboarding with the guys. I just threw the last load of laundry in the washing machine (it's the simple joys in life like seeing empty laundry baskets in the closets that make me happy) and the cats are camped out on either ends of the couch snoozin' away.

What a weekend. After spending roughly two weeks indoors (except for going to work and back), I was pretty excited to actually go out and have some fun. And have some fun is precisely what we did. Friday night was Jordan's show at the Rib Joint in Dana Point. Not to speak ill of the restuarant, it felt more like we were in someone's basement instead of a restaurant. The ceilings were so low that anyone over six foot would have had to stoop if they stood up.

Anyhoo. When we first got there, we noticed a couple older ladies there. Some of you would classify them as 'cougars'. One of them had lowrider jeans that rode slow low her g-string was hanging out and the same could be said for the top half of her. If you get my drift. In any case, it was the whole package: Clothes that were twenty years too young for them, bleach blonde hair...The whole kitten caboodle. They seemed to be quite content knockin back mixed drinks in their own little corner of the bar...up until Akronymz and First Time Offenders went on.

All of a sudden, I look over and see Ms. Cougar Dana Point 2011 grinding and grabbing up on my boyfriend in the middle of one of his songs!! I'm not an overly jealous or possessive girlfriend, so I just started cracking up with everyone else, but then my friends started egging me on to do something and, well, she did get a little too grabby. So I had to at the very least make my presence known. After a swig of my friend's Corona, I went up on stage and hip-checked her oh-so-subtley so I could dance with my boyfriend. Thank you very much. I danced for a verse then left, so it wasn't a you're-making-an-ass-of-yourself moment. It was just a "Honey, you're old enough to be his mother and he has a girlfriend" moment. Extremely amusing.

At the end of the night, she and her girlfriend stumbled out of the car and into--yes, it's true--a Jaguar, slurring to one another that they both looked incredibly beautiful that night before they drove off to another bar to hit on other young men. I was told that at one point in the evening, they were in the ladies restroom together complaining about all the younger girls that were there because we were stealing the attention away from them.

And so, I shall henceforth be known as the Cougar Slayer.

Me, 1; Cougars, 0. Meow.

The show went really well, cougar-molestation aside. The guys killed it as usual and they even did a few new songs I didn't know they were working on. So far, something exciting has happened at every show so who knows what will happen next time. The video from Friday, I believe, will be up on YouTube (including the dance-off, I'm embarrassed to say) so maybe I'll post it up here. If my dancing was decent enough. I'm no dancer, that's for sure. ;)

Last night was SuperCross with the Jordan, the Shanester, Matt & Ryan. It was a lot of fun, albeit ridiculously cold at one point. The beer certainly helped to warm me up and I was incredibly happy I opted to drive Friday night for Jordan's show so he would drive Saturday night. Here are some pictures from the evening. Please excuse the beanie. It was Shane's and a seven-year-old's beanie didn't really fit my head. But I was cold, dangit!!!

Left to Right: Jordan, Me, Shane, Ryan & Matt

Me & Jordan @ SuperCross at Angel Stadium, Anaheim

Me & my two favorite boys: Jordan & Shane


  1. my wife loves doing the laundry, but mainly folding it - god forbid i try to help. i guess it's ok, because i am the same way with the cooking - cougar got loose i guess, you mighta broke her hip!!

  2. Ha--it's the same way at our house. I handle the laundry and the cleaning, he handles the cooking. Which works out just fine with me. I get excited when I actually finish all the laundry in one day instead of having it spill into a work night.

    Cougar def got loose Friday night...Although she escaped without injury. She and her partner-in-crime continued dancing throughout the night with other unsuspecting guys... LOL