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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Work Antics

I'm sorry to say this, but I have to be frank:

People are stupid.

I work in a call center and sometimes have the divine opportunity to speak with people are, shall we say, the duller tools in the shed and the dimmer crayons in the box. Anyhoo. I just had to share this. This is a conversation (verbatim) with someone who called in and got my line:
Me: “Can I get the last name on your account? (pause) Perfect, thank you. And what are the first names?”
Caller: Long Pause. “What do you mean?”
Me: “The first names on your account.”
Caller: “Like my name and my husband’s name?”
Me: “Yes. What are your first names?”
Caller: “I don’t get what you’re asking. You want to know my first name?”
Seriously?? You guys are a neutral third party. Was my question in any way, shape, or form too ambiguous to understand what exactly it was the I was asking for??

You know, you get five or six calls like that in a row and you really start to crave chocolate or vodka or both on an unnatural level...


  1. Sounds like you were pretty straightforward and clear with what you were asking. I heard a story of an unnamed person being asked what his zip code was, to which he responded "is that like 212?". This person is over the age of 18.

    People are stupid. Agreed.

  2. I think are being much too demanding of these customers. I mean really, are they supposed to remember EVERYTHING!! Sheesh!