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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special Edition of "Did They Really Just Say That?"

More like, "Did they really just DO that". But anyway. I am on fire this week! I've been at work for about three hours--not even, actually. Two hours and 18 minutes. So. I got a good one for y'all.

A caller got to my line about a reservation that she booked for January 28th (I do timeshare exchanges for a living). She was booked for Panama City Beach, Florida. Remember that: Flo-ri-da. She had questions about the resort and then she said something funny. She said, "I need to know because I'm leaving the country in a week." Leaving the country? Well that's weird, because you live in Los Angeles and you're going to Florida so... How does that involve leaving the country?

Just to be the efficient customer service representative that I am, I went over her reservation with her: "Ma'am, you're booked at the Panama City Resort & Club in Panama City Beach, Florida."

Holy hell. She began screaming bloody murder. Apparently she was under the impression that she had booked a week in the country Panama. I spoke with the agent that booked the reservation for her, since it was done just recently, and she said that they were discussing Florida the entire time and she never mentioned the country Panama.

I tried explaining everything to her and apologizing for the mix-up. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get very many words out with her cutting me off every three seconds. She wound up hanging up on me after screaming, "You're eh-stupid, eh-stupid, eh-stupi, eh-stupid. America is eh-stupid!"

It may just be me, but if I'm booking an international vacation that involves very expensive airfare, I'm going to make damn sure that I'm booking the correct location before anything is finalized. That could just be me though.

Bottom line, folks, when you're talking about one location, please make sure the other person involved in the conversation is aware that you've switched countries and are now talking about somewhere else completely. Don't assume we can read your mind and we can just go, "Oh! Clearly she's now talking about the country Panama instead of Panama City Beach, Florida."

Because, again, we cannot predict the future, we cannot read minds... We're human.

Shocking, I know.


  1. stupid americans, ha. my aunt was travelling once to niceville, florida, and a lady in the airport thought the flight she booked was going to nashville. that southern drawl gets ya every time.

  2. Wow, I really really don't miss that job.