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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did They Really Just Say That: Hump Day

I'm happy to hear that my blogs bring some small form of entertainment. I received this e-mail from Bobby, another "voice on the other line" who works out of our Utah office:

Can I just say I love your blogs about “did they really say that” J thank you for the hours of entertainment.

Thanks, Bobby!! I'm glad I can give back to the Call Center Community. :) If you have any good ones, let me know and I'll be happy to share it with the world... ;) And as I'm typing this, I'm lucky enough to have another one!! I swear, these things are becoming my form of meditation to deal with these people sometimes.

Me: Alright, so the e-mail address you just gave me is going to be your login.
Caller: Wait. So...that's my username?
Me: That's correct.
Caller: Well where do I enter that. I don't see a place to put that in. All I see are two boxes in the corner. One says 'e-mail' and one says 'password'.
Me: Okay, well the one that says e-mail? That's where you're gonna put your e-mail. The one that says password...Your password will go there."
Caller: Ohhhh! So I put my e-mail in the box for e-mail and the password in the box marked password!

This is why I am exceedingly nice to any customer service representative I speak with when I have to call my bank, cell phone provider, or whoever. I know what they have to deal with on a daily basis. I had a person call in once to complain that his left shoelace was shorter than his right shoelace and now his shoes looked uneven. I was positive it was my boss (at the time) who enjoyed the occasional practical joke, but nope. The guy was serious.  


  1. They were just making sure. Email is a tough one to figure out

  2. That's's one of those tricky ones like asking for their first names... Just gotta learn to be more patient...

  3. i like winding people at call centres up why not they wind me up by ringing me my favorite awnser is next