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Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for a change

Well here I sit, hard at work as usual...It's ridiculously quiet right now anyway so I refuse to feel guilty. The morning's going by pretty fast for a change and despite my early awakening this morning, I failed to pack a lunch for myself.

Today is Jordan's birthday [Happy Birthday, Hun!!! Even though I know you won't read this...). The weekend was his birthday present, but we're still going to go out for dinner tonight and enjoy a little birthday dinner. I've spent more money than I was budgeting for already, so hopefully he goes easy on me. ;) He thought he had a show tonight, but it's actually the first Monday in February. So at least we'll get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

And...exciting news...We bought our tickets to see Zumanity when we're in Vegas next weekend. Woo!! I'm so excited!! I've always wanted to see that show just from the billboards I've seen whenever I was in Vegas. I'm not sure why, but they always intrigued me. After reading an overview of the show...Wow...It's, uh, pretty intense. Sounds like a combination of Cirque du Soleil and your typical Vegas cabaret show. I'm excited to see it, though. Should be awesome! :)

We're officially two weeks away from UFC 126: Belfort vs Silva. I am so so excited!! I really hope Belfort takes the belt away from Silva. I know he has a huge fan-base and he's an incredible fighter, but he's completely full of himself and his performance against Damian Maia totally rubbed me the wrong way. If you're really such a world-class fighter, then knock the guy out and end it. Don't taunt him and insult him and trash-talk for five rounds. That's not how a champion acts, if you ask me.

Anyway. I've been thinking and it's about time I did something to my hair. I'm going to get it cut this week or next with a gift certificate my mom got me for Christmas. I haven't decided if I want to re-highlight it or change the color. Brunette sounds kinda nice for a while...Hmmm. Decisions decisions. But this is the look I'm gonna go for as long as I don't chicken out:
A la Anne Hathaway, circa Devil Wears Prada

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