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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Operation: New York (& New Jersey) 2011

Wow is tomorrow really Friday?? I swear this week has flown by!!

OK, here's a moment of shameless plugging: Tomorrow night Jordan is doing a show in Dana Point. It's Akronymz & First Time Offenders at the Rib Joint! Any of you local folk, feel free to come on down. There's no cover and they'll go on around 10:00. Below is a YouTube video of one of their more recent shows at the Sandpiper in Laguna Beach. Three of the five songs are freestyling by Jordan and Nonsense (aka Clayton, his partner) while they just vibe with the band. If you're not busy and you're in the area, come down and see them again!

Saturday, I'll once again be Lois Lane. I'll be attending the SuperCross event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. I'm covering it for the paper so I'll be working on my article after that. The nice thing, though, is that it won't run for another week so I have until next Sunday to turn it in. I'm giong to try to pick up another assignment next week, though, so I'll have two articles running in one week. It feels weird; I've been off from the paper for the past two weeks because of the holidays and I feel so lost without having an article to write. I'm excited to have a chance to use my shiny new digital voice recorder that Jordan got me for Christmas.

Check back at the end of the weekend for pictures from Jordan's show & the SuperCross on Saturday! :)

 Anyhoo. The great planning for the New Jersey/New York trip this summer has begun!! I need to get in touch with my bestie who's getting married this June--the reason for my trip back there. The Big Day is June 18, so I will definitely be present and account for that day as I am a bridesmaid. I need to find out if she needs me there a certain number of days prior to the 18th so I can cement the travel dates. But then, after (or before--depending on when I'm needed out there) the wedding, Jordan and I are going to be tourists in the City since he's never been and I am ridiculously addicted to New York. I love it and I miss it soooo much.

We'll be hitting Coney Island, Ellis Island & Lady Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and the Met along with anything else that's on the route of those hop-on, hop-off tour buses. But those are the Must-See's for Jordan. I've actually never been to Coney Island either so I'm pretty excited about that. We're going to tackle it the way we did for our DC trip this past summer: We'll both make a list of things we want to see, compare notes and narrow it down to a doable number of sites to see on our trip. It worked out splendidly on our DC trip. It may have been a combination of that and our awesome tour guide-slash-photographer, Shaun. He is a friend of ours that used to live out there.

Another major thing we want to do is check out local restaurant landmarks in Manhattan, the Village....Anywhere. We're slowly evolving into foodies and wine snobs, so we definitely want to appreciate the culinary & wine Must-See's of New York as well.

If anyone has any suggestions for sites/restaurants that we have to hit while we're in the tri-state area, please let me know!! I love New York, but I'm a Jersey girl, so I don't know the City as well as I'd like to. Just a heads up: We love steaks (we had the most delicious steak in DC at a restaurant called Rays the Steaks; if any of you know a place in NY that can indeed raise the stakes, please don't be shy!!).

I'm also going to give Jordan a "Before She Was Famous: MJ Edition" of my hometown in Jersey and make him taste a scrumptious Jersey bagel. Mmmmm I miss Bacon, Egg, & Cheese's on a Kaiser roll... ::Drool:: We'll also be seeing the family and the friends and it will be a wonderful trip.

This past summer, it was Operation: DC. This summer, it's Operation: New York. Next summer is the Big One. It'll be Operation: Europe. I'm excited about that one, but I can't wait to get back to the east coast again!! :)

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