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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Julia Childs I Am Not

So. Let me just reiterate: I do not like cooking. I know I said I did in an earlier post, but I lied. I like baking, but cooking? Nope.

I attempted to make Beef Wellington in honor of Chef Ramsey this evening and he would have been appalled to see what the end product was. Not that it tasted bad--taste-wise, it was yummy--but the presentation left something to be desired. We had recorded this cooking show with Ramsey where he made his Beef Wellington so I attempted to follow along. Meh. I get frustrated too easily in the kitchen when things don't go accordingly and we're just lucky that dinner was actually cooked and I didn't wind up crying.

I'm going to be attending a dinner/seminar event tomorrow night on Human Trafficking in Garden Grove. I didn't realize this but apparently GG is very active in the fight against human trafficking. I wrote a huge paper on the topic in school and yes, I watched the Lifetime miniseries about it with Mira Sorvino. It's not exactly an appropriate dinner topic, but I was interested to see what the evening would be about. I'm covering it for the paper so that means next week I'll have two articles running. Yay!

I'm also excited because I'll get to use my shiny new Garmin my mom got me for Christmas. I am the most directionally-impaired person you'll ever meet. Seriously. If I exit a parking lot through a different exit I used to come in, I'll get confused and turned around. I pretty much always have to leave a good five-ten minutes for "U-Turn Time" if I'm going somewhere I've never been. It's pretty bad--even worse if you're on the receiving end of my very frustrated phone call while I'm driving around lost trying to get wherever you are. That is definitely not a fun time.

This weekend Jordan and Shane are going on their first father-son camp-out for the Boy Scouts. I just want one picture of them with Shane in his Boy Scouts uniform and I'll be a happy camper (pun definitely intended). They'll be up in Lake Arrowhead just for Saturday night, but that also means that I'll have the lovely, scrubbed-clean apartment all to myself. Girls night!! I'm trying to convince Jordan's sister to come down and spend time with her big brother's girlfriend. I haven't heard back from her yet though. In any case, I'll be watching all the movies and/or tv shows Jordan refuses to watch with me. Like House.

This evening is pretty quiet. Not much to report but I wanted to drop in and say hello. I'm feeling pretty tired and honestly, I'm dying to finish reading "Magic Study" by Maria V. Snyder. It's book #2 in its trilogy and I'm soooo happy that there's still one more left to read. I know. Huge dork. But this book is AWESOME! Totally recommend this series.

Oh and Jordan's random quote of the evening that totally cracked me up: "Thanks, baby. You're a doll. If dolls had dolls, you'd be their doll."

I thought it was amusing. :)


  1. I'd like to borrow Magic Study when your finished. Don't feel bad about the beef wellington, the first time making new dish is always rough. It'll get better if you try it again.

  2. directionally impaired club, member #2 - i take some of the most ass backwards routes to get places, all to avoid traffic, or where i think traffic will be. i feel like i'm some traffic prediction mr. cleo type.

    navigation, what the hell did we do before it?