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Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Ben & the Big Bear Birthday Bash

Don't you just love alliterations?

Happy Monday, everyone!!!!!!!

OK, ok. That was false enthusiasm, but I am genuinely happy that work is done, the fire is roaring, and Jordan is cooking dinner for us. Best way to end a really crappy Monday.

One wonderful, incredible, amazing thing about today is that the world has been graced with the presence of baby Benjamin Kioshi. My lovely friend Natalie had her beautiful baby boy this morning and is now a MOMMY!! I am going to go up to visit mommy and baby tomorrow and meet my new nephew. Sooo excited!!! :)

Welcome to the world, Baby Ben!!! <3
 So. Read the following and tell me: Am I or am I not the awesomest girlfriend ever. Jordan's birthday is coming up on Monday. We're kinda strapped for cash right because we have V-E-G-A-S coming up on Superbowl weekend (sidebar: WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!) so I was fretting about what to do for Jordan's birthday present. A friend of ours text us earlier last week inviting us to go up to Big Bear and split a two-bedroom timeshare with him and his girlfriend and spend the weekend snowboarding, which is what Jordan really wanted to do on his birthday. We passed because Vegas is coming up so soon and it was too expensive.

On Friday morning, as we were getting ready for work, I asked Jordan what he wanted to do for his birthday and he replied in this really bummed out voice, "Snowboarding. But I can't do that. So...I guess we can just go see a movie or something. I can see a movie for free on my birthday." Well that did it for me. I conspired with our friend, did some fancy footwork with my finances and... I'm covering the expenses for our hotel and his lift ticket so he can, in fact, go snowboarding for his birthday.

Go ahead. You can say it. As a girlfriend, I rock. :) It will be a lovely weekend, though. I'm looking forward to it. The guys will hit the slopes early Saturday morning while Tasha and I go walk around Big Bear Village and check out the shops if we're feeling ambitious--OR we can just hang out at the resort and get drunk while we wait for the guys to come home. I'm leaning towards choice #2, personally. LOL

Where we're staying @ Big Bear :)

OH--and what does everyone think about this Zodiac Sign Controversy??? I'm no longer a Gemini--all of a sudden I'm a Taurus?? Crazy!! At first I was all adamant about my sign, like I've been a staunch Gemini my entire life and I'll be damned if I change now. You'd think people were announcing that political parties had suddenly changed and all of a sudden Democrats were Republicans and vice versa the way some people are freaking out about it. I mean, I'm protective of my Zodiac sign and all but it's not like my world will crumble around me if someone tells me I'm a Taurus. And I do have to admit--after reading more about Gemini's and Taurus's... I do fall a bit more squarely in the Taurus camp after all, except for a few aspects. Who knew??

I am happy to hear that birds stopped falling dead from the skies and fish stopped washing up on shore dead. Either that, or my Ignorance Is Bliss strategy has finally started working and I'm just not hearing about it anymore. In any case, my paranoia about the world coming to an end in 2012 has decreased dramatically and I can relax once again. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad nervous about that. Nervous enough to start going to church on Sundays? Not quite. But I was nervous enough to mention that we probably should start going. ;)

Oh and heads up all you Hell's Kitchen fans: Gordon Ramsey is gonna be on the Tonight Show tonight!! I think I might TiVo it. My TiVo has been acting up and erasing everything it records and I'm about ready to go all Office Space on it. We need to call the cable company and have them fix it because this is ridonculous. Yes. Ridonculous.

Jordan has another show at the Sandpiper in Laguna Beach tomorrow night. A Different Animal (which is the name for the collaborative group with Akronymz and First Time Offenders) will be going on at 9:30, so if you want to come check it out, feel free!! Remember: there was a chick brawl at their first show; I had to battle a Cougar at the second one...Who knows what will happen tomorrow?? I should probably wear some comfortable shoes just in case. You never know when ADA takes the stage... (Sidebar: I'm trying to convince them that it should be "A Different Breed" instead of "A Different Animal". I mean, the 'animal' hasn't changed--it's still music. But they've combined genres to create a different kind  of music...So 'breed' would be the logical choice...That could just be me, though). Opinions?

Anyhoo. I am going to enjoy the deeeeeeelish carne asada that Jordan just cooked and enjoy a Movie Night Monday.


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