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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Neighbors & Accents

After about six months of our neighbors living in our complex, Jordan actually enjoyed a beer with the boyfriend half of the couple that lives next door to us last night. All we really knew up until now was that they listen to country music (one of the reasons why I've always wanted to get to know them because country music fans are few and far between in California. Yes, yes, yes...I like country music. Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood...I can pretty much sing along to every song that comes on GoCountry 105 whenever I'm in the car, much to Jordan's dismay. My music is limited to my car though--the only time I really listen to it in the apartment is when I'm cleaning because--let's face it--if I'm going to clean our apartment from top to bottom myself, I'm going to listen to whatever music I darn well and they have a dog named Vegas (so fitting). But now they've actually said more to each other than the usual neighborly pleasantries. We even have a name for the face now: Drew. Of course, as a guy, Jordan can tell me everything about the transmission that Drew's rebuilt three times, but did he ask what Drew's girlfriend's name is? Nope. So she still remains the nameless blonde neighbor who likes country music. We've determined that Drew's girlfriend was most likely having the exact same conversation with him about me last night, too.

So, in preparation for our New York/New Jersey trip, Jordan is perfecting his "New Yohwk" accent. I wish I could post a soundbyte of it on here. He does have an accent, but I'm just not quite sure if it can qualify as a New York accent. I've decided that I'm going to make him watch My Cousin Vinny, a movie my family swears by and can find a quote from for any situation we find ourselves in. Between Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei, he should be able to determine what he's doing wrong with his accent. I just can't wait for him to order a hawt dawg from a street vendor in his New Yohwk accent and see what happens... My accent will come back just a smidge while we're there since I'll be surrounded by it, but California will still shine through in words like wahter and dahg.

I'm finally getting my hair cut tonight (so I will shut up about it). So stoked. Mom is also going to come down and meet me there and we're going to get some dinner together. Looking forward to some girl time with her... :) Should be a very fun evening!!

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