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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday with My Boys

Well here I sit on a lazy Saturday afternoon--I suspect the last lazy Saturday afternoon I'll be having for the next sixteen weeks, since school starts on Monday. Jordan is playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare on his PS3 and Shane is providing a running commentary--complete with sound effects--on the game as Jordan plays. It's been I think a month since Shane was actually here at the apartment for our weekends with him. Our last 'Shane' weekend was his Boy Scouts camping trip, so he and Jordan were both up at Lake Arrowhead. My first thought when he walked into the apartment this morning was, "Holy crap, he grew so much in the last three weeks!!" How does that happen?!

Tonight is my book club meeting at Diana's. The kicker is, apparently no one read the book we picked out for this month. I thought I was the only one. Was not the best of book selections, but you can't win 'em all. So instead of discussing "Post-Birthday World", we'll just be hanging out and eating chocolate. Since this is the first time I've seen Shane in a while, though, I will most likely be cutting my stay a bit short since I want to spend time with my boys before we have to take Shane back tomorrow afternoon.

Shane is, like, the best video game sidekick ever. He kindly pointed out to Jordan just now that he "missed a zombie over there, Dad. And one over there." I snuck a quick picture of them. Well, 'snuck' is an exaggeration. They're both so into the video game that a zombie actually could stroll right into this apartment and kill me for dinner and they probably wouldn't notice unless my body somehow blocked their view of the TV. And considering how I'm sitting behind them, my chances of survival would be slim to none.

The video-gamer and his sidekick.
I didn't chicken out on Thursday and actually got bangs cut. Like, all-the-way-across-the-forehead. I'm still adjusting to them and switch back and forth from thinking that I made myself look like a five-year-old to absolutely loving them. I'm currently in the absolutely loving them stage. While I was at the hair dresser, I told my mom (who met me there) that I feel like I should change my name to Natasha or Natalia or even go the French route with Sophie. I definitely look more European now. Maybe I'll start speaking one of my languages and really mess with people when I go out. The benefits of living in Switzerland as a young teenager: learning different languages. Mom and I proceeded to have a delicious dinner at Yves Bistro. Mmmm good, let me tell you! It must have been mother-daughter night there, because we saw a lot of them at the restaurant. Apparently we missed the memo.

I was super motivated this morning while Shane and Jordan were out fishing and cleaned the apartment. Not, like, scrubbed and deep-cleaned, but the apartment is nice and sparkly anyway. Now tomorrow I have to do laundry and make sure everything is clean for our Vegas trip because I won't have any time to do it during the week. :)

Well I do believe I'm going to watch my Zombie hunters for a little bit. Sadly I read all my new books, so I have nothing new to curl up with and start reading. Time to pick up an oldie but a goodie from my bookshelves...


  1. cleaning is always gratifying, until things wind up all over the place again 25 minutes later .. Mets hat? really? he can probably make a bid to buy a portion of the team, the price has really come down

  2. Yeah my grace period is the time between me actually finishing cleaning and whenever the boys come home. Then the apartment falls apart again.

    LOL--unfortunately he is decidedly anti-Yankees and refuses to buy anything Yankees. The Mets hat, though...I'm gonna have to work on that...