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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Jumpin-Jammin Kind of Weekend

Here we are, another Sunday afternoon. I'm about to get crackin' on my two articles that are due tonight and we should be meeting up with Nathan, our friend from San Francisco who's in town for some family business. Yesterday we took Shane and his friend Seven to Jumpin Jammin, which is basically like Discovery Zone on steroids. They sufficiently wore themselves out over the four hours we were there and around nine-thirty, Shane abruptly stood up from the couch and announced, "Daddy, I'm going to bed."

I had my math midterm yesterday, which was...less than thrilling. We actually met our teacher face-to-face for the first time since it's an online course. He seems like a really nice guy and a very good teacher. The one thing that I disagreed with was his decision to have us spend the first hour of our scheduled exam time doing self-introductions for the whole class. So all that last-second cramming I did to make sure everything was fresh in my mind was successfully destroyed by listening to my thirty or so classmates tell me what their names are, what their majors are and what they like about the class. One woman spent about twenty minutes talking about herself and I was about THIS close to turning around and saying, "Could you please stop talking so we can take our exam already?" Except the language I would've used probably wouldn't have been that polite.

I would love to say that once I got the exam, everything came flooding back and I passed it with flying colors. I'm fairly certain I passed it, but I don't think it was quite up to the caliber that I deem acceptable (that being an A). After a slight nervous breakdown in my car, which I credit more to the build up of stress from a variety of different sources than the fact that I bombed a test, I headed back home.

Fortunately, that was the kick-off to my spring break so I have the next week off of school. Thank goodness. This will give me plenty of time to play a little catch up and a little get-ahead-of-the-game.

On the work front, Friday was my last day in the Exchange department and starting tomorrow I'll be working in Travel. It's a transfer that I requested and am pretty excited about trying something new at work. Now I'll be booking airfare, hotel reservations, cruises, tour packages...Everything but exchanges. Pretty stoked

Also...I am pleased to announce that our plane tickets to New Jersey have been purchased!! :) Woo!! We will be landing in La Guardia airport around five o'clock in the evening on June 15th and will be staying through the 21st. Thanks to the genius websites like Groupon and LivingSocial, we've bought gift cards at ridiculously discounted rates for a few places in the City so by the time we get there, we won't really have to pay for much as far as food is concerned. The credit for that idea goes to Jordan--and it's a pretty dang smart one! We spent $3.50 each for a gift card for a hamburger at a brewery that's in the Empire State Building--and after checking the menu, the hamburgers there go for an average $17. They better be dang good burgers, but for $3.50 it's okay if they're not the best. :)

Well, it is time to start the writing process. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Congrats on the transfer, and the plane tickets.

    Good luck on meeting your deadlines!