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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Music Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: A song from a band I hate.

Instead of a band can it be a singer? Although I refuse to even categorize her as a singer, but unfortunately, she has released two (?) albums? I've never even heard her music, but I just know from morning radio talk shows that she does claim to have talent as a singer. She doesn't. She used to be pretty before she sliced up her face and body with scalpels from all that plastic surgery and she married the biggest douche (in my opinion) that reality TV producers could dig up in the greater Los Angeles area. Yes, ladies and gentleman. I'm talking about the great--or should I say 'fake'?--Heidi Montag. The only people I can imagine actually saying, "OMG!! I love her music!" are little prostetots (my word for little fourteen and fifteen-year-olds who insist on dressing like they're twenty-four-year-olds about to go clubbing in Vegas) in southern California who want to be her when they grow up. I have to search through YouTube right now because I don't even know what any of her songs are called... What do you know. It's called "Superficial". How fitting.

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