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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reporting Live from the 2011 OC Music Awards

Dayumn! It feels good--nay, I would dare say flipping amazing to have an assignment for the paper. It's been so long!! The last two events I covered were the SuperCross at Angel Stadium and the Human Trafficking Awareness seminar in Garden Grove. That was at the beginning of January. We're in March. My Sundays have been so empty without any articles to turn in before deadline!

But that's all over because I am back! :) With a rather exciting event to cover. This Saturday, I'll be dressed in "rock n roll red carpet" attire (still trying to figure out where the line is between rock 'n roll and inappropriate: how short is too short??), working the red carpet and interviewing musicians, producers, label executives and whoever else decides to show up before attending the 10th annual Orange County Music Awards. I was given two tickets, so Jordan will be coming with me.

The OC Music Awards honors all the rapidly rising local Orange County talent. One of the bands, The Steelwells, are currently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine (the one with Justin Bieber on the cover ::shakes head::). I've actually seen them perform before. They played at the after-party for the Anaheim International Film Festival back in November and debuted their new music video that night as well. I like them. They're up for three awards--Best Indie, Best Music Video, Best Live Band--and will also be performing. Other bands that will be there that I like are Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, and Social Distortion. I feel like a traitor to my kind for not knowing any of the country bands/singers that are up for nomination and will be performing. :( Jordan is stoked to be going, too. There are going to be some hip hop groups there, of course, including I & I who used to run in the same circle as Akronymz back in the day. Jordan told me that Nonsense (the other half of Akronymz, aka Clayton) actually battled one of the "I"'s at an underground show once. So it'll be exciting for Jordan to be around so many successful people in the music industry. I told him that if his career gets launched from someone he met at this event, I'm collecting some kind of finder's fee from him. ;)

I'm excited about the after party too. ;) Should be a great time all around!

The after party should be fun, too.

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  1. that's awesome - A7X is awesome too...lot's of awesome