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Monday, March 7, 2011

Will you look at that...Rain...Who'da thunk?

Wow. It's raining again. Shocker. I'm sorry, do I live in Seattle or southern California?? Last I checked, I'm pretty sure I pay the ridiculous gas prices and housing costs of a southern California residence, but this weather...I don't know. I'll have to check my mail to see what the address is. Seriously, though. What the eff is up with this weather?? No offense to my fellow southern Californians, but if I have to deal with shitty weather anyway, I woud much rather deal with it back east than out here. At least over there, there's a reason why the weather sucks: The east coast actually has seasons versus our warm/warmer shifts. When you live in SoCal, you expect a certain trend of weather and this rain-every-other-day crap is not what I signed on for. Bad weather makes me cranky.

The OC Music Awards was pretty awesome. I met some really talented artists. I am an instant fan of two in particular. The winner of Best Blues was Parker Macy Blues and after hearing his music, I can certainly understand why he won. He has a really nice raspy--or "gravelly", as I call it--voice. Jordan and I got to meet him after the awards show. He and Jordan exchanged business cards and discussed the idea of getting down on a track together. It may sound like an odd combination (blues and hip hop), but it would sound really great, I think. I hope they get in touch. The guys already have a song that they really need a singer for (the chorus) and I think Parker would be perfect for that one as well. I have my fingers crossed on that one. He also even let me interview him on the fly afterwards. Super nice guy; I'm happy that he won.

Another artist that we met was Micah Brown, who won Best Live Acoustic. He played his song, "Coming of Age", which I believe is on his Facebook page. I absolutely loved it. Jordan talked to him too about doing some kind of collaboration so I hope it works out. Those two guys and Jordan and Nonsense would sound so good together.

There was even a little Kanye West incident towards the end of the evening. I'll refrain from saying the name of the person or which group they were with because I refuse to reward such trashy behavior by spreading their name. But at the very last award of the evening, this person stormed the stage and dropped a few f-bombs, insisting someone else should have won that category, dropped a few more f-bombs, flipped off the audience and ran off the stage. Way to stay classy. Hopefully the Academy bans them from future nominations at least for a year or something.

Here is the complete list of winners of the evening:
Best album: Nightmare, Avenged Sevenfold
Best song: “My Body,” Young the Giant
Best new artist: Railroad to Alaska
Best folk: Yellow Red Sparks
Best blues: Parker Macy Blues
Best alternative: Thrice
Best jazz: Evan Stone
Best electronic: Blok
Best live acoustic: Micah Brown
Best live band: The Steelwells
Best metal: Avenged Sevenfold
Best country/Americana: Billy Kernkamp
Best pop: Stacy Clark
Best world: The Dirty Heads
Best hip-hop: I & I
Best Latin: Nancy Sanchez
Best youth: Amanda Lamb
Best surf: The Growlers
Best DJ: Thrifty Lips
Best indie: Kiev
Best rock: Dahga Bloom
Best punk: Social Distortion
Best music video: “Amalgam,” Halos
People’s choice: Ugly Paint
Lifetime Achievement Award: Stan Freese
Orange County Impact Award: Social Distortion

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