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Friday, March 18, 2011

UFC 128: Shogun vs Jones; Sunday Day Date w/ Mom

Ahhhh. Friday has arrived. And I'm still around to enjoy it. What a nice feeling.

I've been getting these really bad headaches in the afternoons the past few days. They're pretty brutal. Not full-blown migraines, but they're pretty close. It's rather frustrating, if you ask me. I'm sure staring at a computer screen even after my eight hours are complete at work is just making it that much better. But I wanted to post something before the weekend begins.

UFC 128: Shogun vs Jones
It's that time again, folks. Another UFC fight is upon us. And you know what that means...You'll get a recap blog about it on Sunday. A lot of guys are fighting that I really like. The biggest and most anticipated fight is, of course, the title fight between Mauricio Shogun Rua (the 'r' in his last name is pronounced like an 'h': hoo-ah) and Jonny Jones. Now, the crazy part about this fight is that Jones is the favorite in this fight despite the fact that he's the challenger, not the champ. Don't get me wrong, he's a crazy talented fighter and his arms...The man has an 84-inch reach. You read correctly. 84 inches. On top of it, his legs go up to his face. It comes as no surprise that his nickname is Jonny 'Bones' Jones. I really like him; he's very humble, very respectful; seems like a really likeable and friendly person. And he can put the hurtin on like no other. He's just still very new in the world of UFC and I'm afraid that he's taking this fight too lightly. Shogun has the belt for a reason; he TKO'd Lyoto Machida, the hardest man to actually hit in the octogan. So. I'll be cheering for Jones, but I'm a little nervous about the fight.

And then...Urijah Faber is making his UFC debut. Urijah is the 'California Kid' from the former WEC and was a title holder in the organization. I'm so excited to see him back. He's such a nice guy outside the Octagon (I love that at the beginning of every fight or after it's over, he always looks into the camera and says, "Hi mom." I think that's so sweet). But in a fight, he is an absolute animal. He's fighting Eddie Wineland, who seems like a pretty serious fighter, but I'm pretty sure that Urijah will be able to handle him. Nice to get the California Kid back on the scene!!

Brendan Schaub is also fighting, which I'm very excited about, although he's fighting a pretty serious opponent (Mirko Cro Cop). I'll be cheering Schaub on, but... We'll see what happens.

Girls Day with Mom
On Sunday, I'll be enjoying a lovely little Girls Day with my Mom. We're going to meet at Mainplace Mall in Orange after I attend the Cub Scouts Pushcart Derby for the newspaper (so cute!!). After a little shopping and unwise spending, we're going to be attending The Battle of the Dance in Anaheim. I'm writing a review of it for the newspaper and snagged two tickets so she's going to come with me. It's a show and dinner...all fancy. ;) What I'm most excited about is that there are going to be Irish Stepdancers performing. I have been obsessed with 'Riverdancing' ever since I saw a video of it when I lived in Switzerland when I was 12 years old and have always wanted to see it live. So that will be really exciting. :)

So that's my weekend. :) Tomorrow during the day, Jordan and I are going to the Sprint store to possibly get my new phone, but other than that tomorrow will be a day of laundry, homework, and rest at home until it's time to head up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the fights. :)

Talk to you all soon!!


  1. how'd you get the hookup with the newspaper? sounds like something i'd be interested in, in ny obviously.

    and thanks for tweeting back about who you thought would win that fight - reaaaaal cool

  2. i actually heard of it through school. you should look for the little community newspapers...or would it be neighborhood papers over there??

    i love it. it's a lot of fun. the pushcart derby was super cute. some of the pushcarts those kids made were pretty freakin sweet. lol

    And I *saw* that Tweet and was surprised because I actually didn't know Shalorus was fighting...and then I got sidetracked by a conversation about it at the table. And all the beer. lol. Sorry about that!!