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Monday, March 14, 2011

Movies, School, and New Jersey!!

Alright. It's been a while since I've posted anything. I am still alive and kickin' though. I'm stuck in a bit of a rut right now, motivation-wise. This semester has been a bit harder than usual. I'm not really sure why. I blame the two-month long winter break. It broke down all my momentum and I'm havig a difficult time building it back up.

D-Box and Battle: LA
Jordan and I saw Battle: LA last night in D-Box seats. Those are fancy-shmancy seats that move along with the movie. Think of it as a far classier and better-made version of Star Tours at Disneyland. I'm not sure that Battle: LA was the best movie to kick off my D-Box movie experience. Since it was a war movie, it was mostly shaking and jolting with helicopter rides and explosions. The seats swerve and tilt and lean and all that good stuff (I was at the media unveiling of these seats at the UltraStar movie theater where they really showed off their goods). I'm thinking that a movie like the new Fast & Furious would be a good choice for it because of all the driving scenes that I'm sure it will have. :) I did learn a valuable lesson though. If you're having the "D-Box experience", make sure you time your sips of soda. Perhaps during a sex scene, where you don't anticipate your seat to start jerking uncontrollably (...I didn't mean to word it that way, but hey...If the shoe I almost spilled soda all over myself when my seat starting going crazy when one of the fight scenes started. All in all, it was your typical alien invasion movie. Aaron Eckhart was extremely rugged and gritty and handsome and Michelle Rodriguez played the same part she always plays in movies. Enjoyable, as long as you don't have a problem with watching Santa Monica and Los Angeles get destroyed. Although, I'm sure all the New Yorkers were pleased to see some other movie get attacked in a movie for a change.

FCCC & Hands Across California
I got a very interesting e-mail from the Marketing director for my school. She's referred me to the Foundation for California Community Colleges to be the student representative for Coastline in the Hands Across California campaign. Now, to be quite honest, I don't exactly know what that entails since I've yet to receive an e-mail from the contact over there with more information about it. But I feel really honored that she would consider me to be a good representative for my school. I'm excited to learn more about it and would love to participate. I'll keep you posted. :)

New Jersey Trip
We'll be purchasing our plane tickets for our trip to Jersey this evening. So exciting!! I've ordered the bridesmaid dress, so that's already done and paid for. I just have to wait for it to arrive by May 4th or earlier in "watermelon". It's a pretty cute pink. :) We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle, so we don't have to save for a hotel. (Thank you Aunt Ellen & Uncle Eddie!) So really, once the planes and car rental is taken care of, I just have to save up for play on the east coast. I am so excited to go back there, I can't even express it in words. This is the first time since the summer of 2002 that I will be going back to New Jersey for a visit that lasts longer than three days. I'll have 6 whole days out there! Ahh! :)

Lunch is rapidly approaching and I tragically did not pack anything today. Tempted to go out and get food, but I'd rather not spend the money right now. Guess I'll just skip it and wait till dinner.


  1. Dirty Jerz - saving up for play on the East coast takes time, lol, you know that - shit ain't cheap - out there either though...dirty water dogs in NYC

  2. Oh, I know. I've never been one with the saving (usually I'm one with the spending), but this Jersey trip is motivating me. I have three months left so...penny-pinching has begun!!