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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

California Drivers + Rain = Chaos in Motion

So the upside of mentally planning your outfit before you get out of bed and bypassing the make-up process in the morning is that you can actually leave the house ten minutes earlier than usual and arrive at work a whopping fifteen minutes early. Crazy. Some days I feel like looking super cute to the office. Some days I just don't care. Today is the latter type of day.

I woke up this morning actually doing math problems in my head. What is that about?? I mean, I was calculating percentages and figuring out true positives and false negatives. I guess I was just that stoked that I actually figured out how to handle those types of problems at Starbucks last night. I hate doing math work when no one I know is around because whenever I get an answer right, I feel the irresistable urge to do a happy dance and announce to someone that I got it right. My options at Starbucks was a middle-aged man who was on his cell phone arguing about how Lucy at Verizon can't do anything that he asks her to do (tsk, tsk Lucy...that's not good customer service) or a fifty-something woman who looked like she was doing a little healthy Facebook stalking on her laptop.

So, it's raining today. For those of you who do not live in California, let me please explain something: The second moisture hits the ground in California, all chaos breaks loose. People forget how to drive. There are the maniacs who still think it's fine to fly down the street doing 70 in a 45 zone despite the weather conditions, but then there are also people who slow down to 15 mph because they're afraid of spinning out and crashing. I'm the first to admit that I get nervous when it's raining hard--especially if I'm on the freeway. But for goodness sake, it's not necessary to slam on your breaks the moment three raindrops hit your windshield. I remember driving in upstate NY (specifically from Woodbury Commons up to Goshen after my shift at work ended): It was raining so hard it was like someone was just dumping bucket after bucket of water onto my windshield. Wipers were pretty much obsolete and everyone was crawling at about 5 mph on Route 17. That was scary and I had to use a crowbar to pry my hands off the steering wheel by the time I got to my destination. California rain aint got shit on an upstate NY storm.

Some exciting news on the UFC front: I've heard whispers that GSP is actually going to go up to Middleweight to fight Anderson Silva, which would make it a title fight. If he defeats Silva (and I think he will if he can get him to the ground. GSP's fights are far from exciting, but once he gets guys to the ground it's pretty much ground-and-pound for five roudns), then he'll be the new Middleweight champion and he'll have to forfeit his Welterweight belt. What this means for the Welterweight division is that the top two fighters will have to fight each other to determine the new Welterweight champ. What's super exciting about that is Dana White just announced that the winner of the BJ Penn/Jon Fitch fight will be considered the #1 contender in that weight class. So BJ may get his shot at the belt. And as long as he doesn't have to fight GSP (he's already fought him twice and lost both fights), he could stand a pretty good chance at becoming champ...again. The Penn/Fitch fight is next weekend and you better believe Jordan and I will be watching it. Go Baby Jay! :) (That's what the BJ stands for...).

I finally get to go straight home after work today. Yay! I tried to catch a ride with Jordan this morning instead of driving in myself, but the slacker is coming in late since he went out to Taco Tuesday last night while I was slaving away in class. ;)

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  1. rain makes people do crazy things, it's kind of mystifying .. it's like they've never driven in it slow, stay to the right