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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet, Pancakes, Monday Morning Cartoons

So last night the boys and I decided to check out Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D. We were initially going to go see Never Say Never. You know, the story of Justin Bieber's life condensed into two agonizing hours for parents 'round the world? We initially didn't even offer Gnomeo and Juliet as an option because, just like most other kids his age, Shane does love him some Justin Bieber. I got him the Bieber CD for his birthday and that was pretty much the only gift that got a genuine smile when he unwrapped it. But, for some reason, when Jordan mentioned Gnomeo and Juliet, Shane opted for that one instead. Talk about dodging a bullet! It turns out that Gnomeo and Juliet was an Elton John tribute. The entire soundtrack was Elton John from beginning to end. At the end of the movie, we found out that he was the executive producer. Shocker. It was pretty cute, though. Jason Statham, Dolly Parton, and Maggie Smith were some of the voices in the movie, along with Emily Blunt and James McAvoy (Juliet and Gnomeo). It wasn't like the other kids' movies these days that are jam-packed with adult humor for the parents that go, but it was still a pretty cute movie. They managed to successfully transform a Shakespearean tragedy into a kids' comedy with a special guest cameo by Will Shakespeare, himself.

Shane slept late this morning, which in turn meant we got to sleep late this morning. All the way until nine o'clock. Woo! I'm doing the blog thing, Shane is eating his second breakfast and Jordan is making pancakes and eggs--which will be Shane's third breakfast. I don't know how that kid eats so much food. Roughly every hour or so, you hear, "Daddy, I'm hungry." And he's super skinny!! Looking forward to my pancakes and eggs, though. Perfect way to start this lovely President's Day. It was pretty gross out yesterday (cloudy, windy, cold...yuck!), but it looks like the clouds are breaking up and I even see some blue sky peeking through. I'm pretty sure it's still cold out, but I don't think I'll be venturing outside much today. I have a quiz in my Legal Procedures tomorrow night that I have to study for and a bunch of reading to do. Shane goes back to his grandparents' house today, so at some point Jordan will be making the drive out to Brea to take him home. Perhaps I'll go, too. We'll see.

So Shane's watching the Cartoon Network right now. The Power Puff Girls, to be exact. I actually used to like this cartoon since it's the typical cartoon of good vs evil, yadda yadda yadda. But I gotta say, cartoons these days are actually pretty...not like they used to be. There's a ton of adult humor in them and violence and they're not like Captain Planet from our day that had a moral at the end of every episode. For instance, one of Shane's favorites, Kick Buttowski, has Kick (an adrenaline junkie who is always looking for his next rush) always battling his evil sister as well as the "evil" librarian. Is it just me or does that send a message to kids that TV rocks and books are evil? I'm not sure that's exactly the kind of message kids should be getting... Then a commercial for Fuzzoodles comes on and Shane starts singing the jingle for the commercial. That's how you know you're watching too much TV. Sigh... Why can't there be a cartoon that teaches kids that reading is cool?? LOL

Although, I will say that I do enjoy me some Big Time Rush, Victorious and iCarly whenever Shane wants to watch it. There's a new special Big Time Rush movie tonight... You best believe we'll be Tivo'ing that shit. ;)

Well my pancakes are ready so... Time for breakfast!! :)

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