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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday: Wined & Dined. Saturday: Slaved Away

WOW. I'm absolutely exhausted and it's only six-thirty. Let's break down Friday night, though.

After a dreadfully boring day at work, I hurried home so I could get myself all pretty'd up for our dinner plans. I opened the door and I saw this weird stuff all over the living room floor. At first I thought the cats got into some mischief while we were out, which is not unheard of. But no, they were rose petals. It lead into the bedroom and I found a dozen roses, chocolates and balloons waiting for me on the bed. Valentine's Day may be overrated for some, but I love it. I also found a gift certificate for a 75-minute "luxury" manicure and spa pedicure. Oooo!!! I am so excited to take advantage of that!!

Dinner was lovely. We at at The Vintage Steakhouse in San Juan Capistrano. We shared an appetizer of sauteed artichoke hearts with mixed herbs, Sauvignon blanc and butter. It tasted just as mouth-watering as it sounds. For dinner, I selected the filet mignon with a Cabernet demi glace with fresh veggies and a double baked potato on the side while Jordan went with the New York steak. Both were yummy, although I personally thought mine was a little yummier. We brought our own bottle of wine with us: Jordan (cabernet sauvignon) (coincidence...?). All in all, a delicious meal, yummy wine and sparkling conversation. I was so stuffed that I declined dessert, although I'm kinda bummed that I did.

Jordan and Shane went fishing with the Boy Scouts early this morning and I lounged around and struggled to find the motivation to start working on my homework. Finally, around 11:00 this morning, I finally buckled down and started working on my math homework. Six hours later... I finally decided that I'd had enough of numbers for the day. The good news, though, is that I'm completely caught up in that class. I did all three units that I needed to finish and took the quiz. Tomorrow, while Jordan goes snowboarding with his boys, I'll be home working on all my other classes. The fun never stops with school!

Ashley and Sebastian are going to come over tonight, I found out, to watch some Strikeforce with us (another MMA organization similar to UFC and the former WEC, which has been absorbed by UFC now). I'm not that stoked on Strikeforce, just because I'm not as familiar with its fighters as I am with UFC and WEC. It took me a good, solid year and a half to learn everything I know about MMA/UFC/WEC. Strikeforce will be my next tackle. I do know that they have female fighters, like Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg, who is absolutely terrifying when she fights. I've watched this girl tear through every woman who stands opposite her in the Octagon. She's a machine. I would hate to be the unsuspecting, drunken moron who doesn't take the hint in a bar.

Hamburgers for dinner tonight. Jordan had the brilliant idea of making Smores for dessert by roasting marshmallows in our fireplace. I don't know if he was joking or not and I'm also not sure if it's a smart idea to roast marshmallows in your living room, but it sounds scrumptious to me...

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