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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Lovely Saturday with Some of my Favorite People

What a nice, quiet Sunday morning...

Here I sit in my hot pink fuzzy socks and hot pink fluffy robe. Usher is snoozin' on the couch next to me and I'm catching up on my Tivo'd episodes of Passport to Europe on the Travel channel. Right now I'm watching an episode on St. Moritz, which is the ski village just below where I used to live (Davos). It's a very, very posh, very upper-class ski resort that people may remember when Princess Diana took William and Harry there for a skiing vacation and I think David and Victoria Beckham go there every once in a while.

I absolutely love the Swiss accent. It reminds me of living out there. I wish this woman would take the train a little further north to check out Davos. It's just as beautiful, just not quite as high-end as St. Moritz. Maybe I'll have to launch my own travel shore and call it "The Poor Man's High Life".

Yesterday we spent the day with Mom for her birthday. She decided that she wanted to go to the Discovery Science Center so we all piled into her car and drove up to Costa Mesa. They had an exhibit going on about the human body hosted by Sesame Street and Elmo. Shane had a blast, especially in the "Eat, Digest, Poo" room. He was particularly fascinated with the "Poo" button. Boys, go figure.  When we exhausted the exhibits in the Center, we went home for a little bit. Mom and I watched The Princess Diaries, which happened to be on E! while the boys played with the mini ramp and Tech Decks I got Shane for his birthday. Then we went out to dinner for Mom's birthday. All in all, it was a rather lovely day. It's been a while, I'm sad to say, since I spent the whole day with my Mom, so it was really nice to spend that time with her. She spent the night and left earlier this morning.

Today, I have homework on the agenda. I'm not sure what the boys will be doing. If they decide to do something super fun, I may take a break and join in. But in the meantime... I am homework-bound...

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