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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Do & Eat in New Jersey & New York

Things I'm looking forward to in New Jersey & New York:
 Food & Drinks:
  1. Good pizza
  2. A real Classic Italian hoagie from "The Store" in Ramsey
  3. Bacon, egg & cheese on a Kaiser roll with salt, pepper, ketchup
  4. Good/real Italian food (Lasagna...Penne vodka....Baked Ziti...*drool*)
  5. Lotte's Chocolate cream she always makes for dessert at family dinners
  6. Hot dog from a street vendor in the City
  7. Twisted Teas (apparently they only exist on the east coast...I've searched high and lo for them out here)
  8. Diner food (not good for you, but soooo yummy at three a.m.)
  9. Bagels--basically, bread of any kind
  10. Dunkin' Donuts coffee if I have to wake up early and be somewhere
  1. Seeing my best friend, twin-sister-separated-at-birth, partner-in-crime since our freshman year of high school get married
  2. Seeing my aunt, uncle, cousins and meeting Baby Stella!
  3. Seeing the other original Coyotes (Catie & Casey...the other partners-in-crime)
  4. Giving Jordan the "Before She Was Famous" tour of my hometown: Ramsey
  5. Visiting the Lake and Boathouse in Central Park (*never been there)
  6. Visiting the Met
  7. Experiencing the City's nightlife (only did that once when I lived out there...tragic, I know)
  8. Just walking around and getting lost in the City
  9. Going to the Jamba Juice in Times Square and ordering a soy shot
  10. Going down to the Village
  11. Window shopping on Madison Ave and 5th Ave (and stopping to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral)
I have to do more research to find things I want to do and see that I've never seen in the City before. I'm sure there are hundreds of places and activities that I don't even know are there. Any suggestions??

1 comment:

  1. Dirty Water Dogs are the best!
    Jamba Juice rules!
    Getting lost is always fun, just walking around aimlessly with nowhere to go and no where to be is great too...