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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UFC: "The Prodigy" vs Fitch, "Rush" vs Shields, "Rush" vs "The Spider"

Well good morning to you all!!

For some reason, I am in a remarkably good mood this morning. Can't really figure out why, especially when I had to drag myself out of bed when Jordan got to stay buried under the covers since he doesn't have work today. He does have to go in to work on Saturday, though, so there's the trade-off.

The countdown is officially on!! This Saturday, BJ Penn will square off against Jon Fitch in a fight that ultimately decide his future in the Welterweight division. GSP is currently preparing to fight Jake Shields (which really is an insult to GSP. True, Shields was the welterweight champ in Strikeforce, but his debut fight in the UFC was a total let-down. He didn't fight like a champ at all and he barely pulled off a victory. But Dana White did promise him a shot at GSP if he won that fight, hence the GSP/Shields match-up. GSP is going to take him to the ground and just ground him out for five rounds. Should be scintillating to watch.) However.

After the Jakes Shields fight, GSP will prepare to move up a weight class to fight Anderson Silva. If he wins, then he'll be the new middleweight champ and have to forfeit his welterweight belt. Which means...BJ may get a title shot in the welterweight division! Wooo!! (Side note: I'm going to cry if I have to watch Silva defeat GSP. Seriously. That's the most humble, respectful champion in the UFC versus the cockiest, most conceited champion. Plus, St.-Pierre came to this country and actually made the effort to learn the language. Silva can speak English, but never does. As someone who moved to a foreign country and learned not one, but three of their languages, I find it very insulting that he refuses to speak our language.)

We'll be having a little shindig at the apartment this Saturday to watch the fight. Nothing too big, just a few friends, drinks, snacks. I'll probably be either curled up on the couch watching between my fingers or jumping up and down like a crazy woman watching the fight. All I have to say is, BJ better bring it. He better be the same BJ that walked out for the Matt Hughes fight. You could tell just by the way he was walking that he was ready for that fight. And sure enough, twenty seconds into the first round, BJ knocked Hughes out. It was beautiful. Jordan got so excited that he jumped up from the table so fast, he almost knocked over the glasses on our table and spilled soda all over the one nice purse that I own. I hope to see that kind of confidence in BJ again this time. I don't know what happened to him during the two Frankie Edgar fights, but for some reason, he just lost all his confidence and it was rather heartbreaking to see. When Bruce Buffer said, "...and the new Lightweight Champion Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar", we both wanted to throw up a little bit.

And that is my rant on UFC for the week. LOL
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