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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Show-It-Alls Bug Me

No, not what you think. I've creatively combined Know-It-Alls and Show-Offs into the all-encompassing term Show-It-All. I'm good with the words like that. ;)

So I had my Legal Procedures class last night. Seems like it's going to be rather interesting. Next week we're going to an "accident site" of a faux car crash and, given the fact...sheet? case? situation? I forget what she called it, but she's going to give us the facts and we have to diagram the crash, collect evidence and basically prepare the case. We'll be graded on the case folder that we turn in a few weeks from now. I'm looking forward to it. Should be lots of fun.

Anyhoo. One of my pet peeves regarding classmates is people who feel the uncontrollable urge to show off and prove that they're smarter than everyone else in the very first class. Case in point: This girl (forget her name, but I do remember that she sat next to Eden, who popped gum and twirled her blonde hair around her finger while she talked), instead of introducing herself, proceeded to give us a five-minute lecture about her last job and the fact that she found herself working with unscrupulous bankruptcy attorneys blah blah blah. Here was my intro piece: "Hi, my name is Michele. I work for a timeshare management company and I also do some freelance writing for a few of the community newspapers. I have no legal background or experience except for receiving phone calls from owners who are upset about their timeshares and are telling me they want to sue us." I got a few chuckles and it lasted about thirty seconds. Boom. Done.

At a later point during the lecture, she felt the need to share her dream job, inform our professor that she knew what a litigator was, ask what the difference was between an arbitrator and a mediator, discuss in detail a car accident she was a part of, which was entirely her fault because she ran the light, but the guy was an illegal alien with no license and no insurance and her experience with that allowed her to "totally relate" to the fact that we'll have to draw a diagram in class next week. How she can relate to drawing a diagram because of her bad driving, I don't know.

On a brighter note, I had a dream that I called the winning score of the SuperBowl. The numbers I picked are a bit odd for a football game, but I might play them at a Roulette table and see what happens. Too bad I don't remember what team I picked to win in my dream; that could have been some valuable information.

On the UFC front, I read an interview wtih Belfort's boxing coach, I believe it was, saying that his speed has improved even more since his last fight (and he's already considered one of the fastest strikers in UFC) and I really hope he's right. I was at the Lesnar vs Velasquez fight back in October and that place BLEW UP when Velasquez defeated the previously-thought unbeatable Brock Lesnar. I was so happy. Lesnar was another super-cocky fighter who needed to be put in his place. I was so mad when he beat Frank Mir and then when he beat Shane Carwin (especially since Carwin had him in the first round. Lesnar was on the ground, was not intelligently defending himself, yet the ref didn't call the fight and he survived the first round. Sadly, Carwin gassed himself during that first round and got choked out in the second). Anyway. If Belfort pulls off this victory, it's going to be even crazier than when Velasquez beat Lesnar.

Tonight is the last night this week that I have a commitment immediately after work. I have my OCPA meeting that'll last an hour and a half. Not to be confused with the ASPCA, this is the Orange County Paralegal Association. I'm the Coastline student liaison this year.

I am so looking forward to being able to actually go home right after work. Then I have to pack and on Friday at 12:00 noon I'll be Vegas-bound. Woo-hoo!! :) I can already taste those $1 Margaritas at Casino Royale. Mmmm good. I just bring a huge Big Gulp cup in with me, hand them $10 and ask them to dump ten Margaritas into the Big Gulp. Hey--Vegas is an expensive city and I'm on a budget. Don't judge. ;)

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