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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFC 126: The Countdown!!!

So this is what it feels like to be home, in my pj's and pink fluffy robe, relaxing?? I've almost forgotten. I had my OCPA meeting, which went by fairly quickly, then came home. The work was not over: I put away the rest of the laundry, empited and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned out the litter box for the kitties... I briefly considered doing homework, but made the mistake of sitting down on the couch instead of at the table with my books.

Jordan spent a couple hours at the studio while I was at my meeting and his producer, Mark, is going to make ringtones from Jordan's songs so I can download them onto my phone. That was my personal request and because Mark is the bestest producer ever (I'm sure he would have liked a fiercer or tougher adjective, but I'm tired and my word bank is running low).

Anyhoo. Jordan and I are watching the Countdown for UFC 126. Ooooooo doggie!! I am so flippin' pumped about this fight!! Belfort is an incredibly talented fighter and is currently shooting to be the first UFC fighter ever to have held a championship belt in three different weight categories. BJ Penn and Randy Couture held belts in two classes. Think about that. They're two of the best fighters ever and this guy is trying to do what they haven't and/or couldn't do. Put that in your pipe, Silva. I can't wait for Belfort to knock that smug expression right off Silva's face. The Griffin/Franklin fight is going to be another Penn/Hughes fight for me. I like both guys--they're both hysterical, very humble, very strong fighters--and while I hate to see either of them lose, I'm going to have to take a side. And my side is Franklin. I heard a rumor that they have a friendly wager placed on their own fight as well: the loser has to get a tattoo and the winner gets to pick what it is. Dangerous wager, I would think... I really like Griffin (he has, by the way, a New York Times best-selling novel that serves as an apocalypse survival guide; never read it, probably wouldn't buy it, but I might spend a couple hours in Borders checking it out).

So Vegas is fast-approaching. One more full day of work and then on Friday I just have to make it till noon. Woo!!! Jordan is going to have a lot of money riding on bets between the fights and the Superbowl and I've already warned him that if, heaven forbid, the fights don't go as they should, he better not be in a shitty mood for the rest of the night or the weekend. We've decided that we'll be checking out two clubs this weekend in Vegas: Jet and Pure. So ready to shake my moneymaker for two nights in a row. My Vegas dresses have been just aching to see the shine of a strobe light since May when we went to Sin City last time.

Should be fun!!! :)

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