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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did They Really Just Say That: Dumb People Edition

A very special edition of "Did they really just say that??"

My mom's mother-in-law (step-father's mom) may think she's better and smarter than everyone else (True story; she and her husband have college degrees and are, therefore, above everyone and anyone else that they come into contact with. They think they're better and smarter than you and they don't even know you) but she decided to leave this message on my mom's home answering machine regarding my mom's surprise birthday party this weekend:

"Hi Rob. This is your mother. I just need directions to Citrus City Grill for the party on Saturday. Gee, I hope it's okay to leave this message on the answering machine. Hopefully Diane doesn't get it."

That was paraphrased, but there's the general idea.

He spent ten minutes on my voicemail going, "This is a surprise party. Keyword being 'surprise' party for your mom. You cannot tell her. It's a surprise." Apparently he should have gone over the 'surprise party' concept with his college-graduate mother. She must have been sick the day they taught that in class.

Thanks for ruining the surprise!!

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