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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Beginneth Another Day...

Well I survived the first day.Even *almost* finished one whole unit of my math homework yesterday. Not bad. Although I have a feeling that Math is going to be one of those subjects that I can't start, take a break, and finish later. I did that and when I went back to finish the homework, my brain was unwilling to cooperate. My Speech class seems pretty laid back, which is wonderful. Maybe that will make me less anxious when it comes time to get up and speak in front of all 36 people in that class.

My teacher is super young, maybe a year or two older than me. Really nice and friendly. She is a self-proclaimed "huge sports fan", an admitted bandwagon Packers fan for the upcoming Superbowl ("It's true; I became a Packers fan about a week ago."), and a steadfast Angels fan. Strike one. What is it with southern Californians and their Angels?? ;) So of course, during my little introduce-yourself shtick, I had to throw it out there that I'm originally from New Jersey and, therefore, am a steadfast Yankees fan. The line has been drawn. I'm sure we'll be able to work it out through the semester. At least the class will be over before the playoffs!

Since it was the first class, we got out rather early so I wound up getting home around 9:00. Jordan was kind enough to throw the whites in the wash since that's the one load I didn't get to yesterday. Now, this is where I learned a very valuable lesson at a very high cost. In my hamper, I had two jackets there were dry-clean only. One of them was my favorite, brown suede jacket. Now, common sense in my mind says: "This jacket is brown, therefore it does not go in with the whites." Common sense in Jordan's mind said: "She said do the whites, so I'm going to dump everything in this laundry basket into the wash, regardless of color." Sigghhh. I give him major props for helping with the laundry (something he usually does only when I'm out of town for whatever reason and am not present to actually do the laundry), poor jacket. :( The sleeves are still the right length, but the rest of it totally shrunk. I might still be able to pull it off since it was already a cropped jacket to begin with, but I definitely can't zip it up anymore. Lesson learned: If I don't want it washed in the machine, do not leave it in the hamper. I guess this is payback for me shrinking his favorite beanie that he got from Amsterdam that I didn't realize was in the pile of clothes as I was tossing them in. I guess.

Wow, who knew I'd be able to write a huge paragraph about laundry. My life is truly scintillating. I have my Legal Procedures class tonight (which I always say in Marisa Tomei's My Cousin Vinny accent: 'proh-SEE-djah').

By the way. How hard is it to understand the name 'Michele'? I clearly state my name at the beginning of every phone call I get at work and I get things like, "I'm sorry, your name is:

Selective hearing, I guess...


  1. How can they not remember MJ? Bollocks. My Cousin Vinny is a great movie.

    As for the laundry - he tried. Next time, leave dry cleaning stuff out of the hamper.

  2. I know, I know. That was my bad. I should have clearly separated the laundry from the dry cleaning. In his defense, I hardly ever get anything dry cleaned, so it's not really a normal occurance in our household. It was just funny to see his face when I told him about the jacket. And a little sad when it shrunk.

    I'm gonna start going by MJ at work, too. Maybe that will be easier for these people to understand or hear. Then again, I'll probably get something random like "OJ" in that situation...