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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Girl Behind the Blogs

You know, I just realized that I've never done a "Getting To Know You" post. I mean, sure, I have my little profile thingy but does anyone really read that? So. In the interest of wasting time...
Twenty Did-You-Knows About Me:
  1. I lived in a village in the Swiss Alps for one year called Davos and another village near the Swiss-Italian boder for three years called Porza.
  2. The one American item I missed the most when I lived in Switzerland was Oreos.
  3. I have an unreasonable fear of jaywalking and walking down stairs.
  4. My mom, my aunt, and I are the funniest people I know. Or at least, we think so.
  5. I can sleep until noon durnig the week, but on weekends I never sleep later than eight.
  6. I can eat cereal at any time of day (and have eaten it for dinner two days in a row this week).
  7. I wrote a children's book when I was 7 called "Ferdinand & the Richest Secret" and proceeded to call every publisher in the Yellow Pages to try to get it published. They didn't take me seriously, though.
  8. My dream is to be able to walk into Barnes & Noble and see my book on the shelves. Even if it's just one copy.
  9. My favorite TV show is 24 and I'm heartbroken that the series is actually over.
  10. Gordon Ramsey, Zane Lamprey, Dana White, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonas Hiller would be five of the guests at my fantasy dinner party.
  11. I think I have a slight addiction to Las Vegas.
  12. I have two passports: one American and one Swiss. It makes me feel very Jason Bourne.
  13. I can't sleep without fuzzy socks on. It drives my boyfriend crazy.
  14. I am OCD with my handwriting: if I think it's ugly, I'll rip out whatever I'm writing and start over again.
  15. I'm a Gemini. Or a Taurus. Depending on whether or not you buy the new 13th sign thing.
  16. My three older cousins are the big brothers I don't have--I'm an only child.
  17. I speak French, German and Italian and want to learn Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese and Russian.
  18. I love country music.
  19. My childhood dog was named Quincy. He chattered all the time and all the Japanese tourists in Europe would take pictures of him instead of the major historical sites whenever they saw him.
  20. The 'MJ' stands for Michele Jacqueline.


  1. #3 - jaywalking is what you make it. look for an opening and make a move

    #6 - cereal is the universal meal

    #11 - never been to Vegas, want to go, scared to go

    #13 - Lindsay sleeps with socks on - i need my feet touching the sheets

    #15 - i am too, and that 13th sign is bogus

  2. #3 - I think it has more to do with not being fast enough for that one car that comes careening around the corner...

    #6 - I could probably live off Honey Nut Cheerios and be perfectly happy.

    #13 - She's a smart woman. Cold feet can ruin anything.

    #15 - Yay for Geminis!!

  3. And silly me, forgot #11:

    Vegas is definitely one of those places that you have to experience at least once in your life. Yes, clothes you didn't even take out of your suitcase wind up reeking of cigarette smoke by the time you leave and you see more pictures of naked women being handed out to you by street vendors like they're baseball cards, but it's such a crazy, crazy place. I'm not much of a gambler, but I love the clubs and the shows and the atmosphere. It should definitely go on the list.